Behind The Music

I’ve always had a passion for music, and I decided that recording and writing songs would be a great hobby to get into. I’ve self-released most of my stuff over the past couple years and each record changes!


Leif was born and raised in Saanichton, British Columbia, about 10 minutes from Sidney.  He found out what GarageBand was at the age of five on his parents’ iMac, which is the one he still uses today (sometimes) to record on. He experimented with the loop libraries and built in microphone and of course: made completely horrible, terrible music. It was about 5 years later that this horrible, terrible music thing made a drastic change. Leif’s sister had made friends over the years at their parents new house just down the road after they had moved from their previous home. His sister’s friends had a father named Eric who would go on to influence Leif’s music making drastically. One day, Eric came to the door with a Fender Nashville Power Tele and gave it to Leif, which he practiced on for a couple years and still records with today. Leif eventually got guitar lessons from Mike Preston down at the Brentwood School of Music, but mostly taught himself how to play. After some time of trying out recording, Leif decided to start a humble little project called From Here To Sidney, named after the town he loved most on the island. He released the “Airliner” EP in 2015 which was embraced by his family and encouraged him to keep on making more. Leif now still resides in beautiful Saanichton, BC with his parents, sister and their dog Neelah. In April 2018 he finished his first studio-quality full length LP, Elevations. He hopes you will enjoy every bit of his music as much as he enjoys making it.


New Website!

Hey everyone! From Here To Sidney finally has their own website! It’s a work in progress so expect to see more updates and changes as they come. For now, come take a look! -Leif

Elevations out now!

Hey everyone! It’s been a little while since anupdate but we have some good news! After about 8 months of hard work in a music studio that totals 16 hours of recording work, Leif Arneson has announced his second full length album with From Here To Sidney, titled “Elevations”! It was released on July 7th, …